AVERY, William Norris

William Norris Avery

Birth: April 22, 1930
Death: September 16, 2015


William N. Avery, 85 years of age, and a resident of Vermilion, passed away Wednesday, September 16, 2015 at Anchor Lodge Nursing Home in Lorain, following a brief illness.

He was born April 22, 1930 in Big Clifty, Kentucky. William had made his home in Vermilion for the last forty years.

He was employed at Ford Motor Company in Lorain for many years before retiring as a repairman. William loved to repair watches for his colleagues at Ford. He was the handiest of men, and enjoyed to tinker and fix things. In his earlier years, he loved fishing and being outdoors.

Survivors include his daughter Julie Sikorsky of Ashland; and his friend Cynthia “Cindy” Couch of Vermilion.

He was preceded in death by his parents and brothers and sisters.

Services will be held privately by the family.

Arrangements by Hempel Funeral Home, (440) 988-4451, HempelFuneralHome.com

Criminal Details

Julie Sikorsky
Press Release: January 23, 2019

Yes that’s dad’s obituary but I must also point out some corrections about the obituary. Family did not get to have the service. I’m the only family left and I never even knew my dad was still alive let alone get to say goodbye to him so I was never notified. This friend Cynthia Sue couch was really his POA who ended up taking advantage of him. She didn’t pay the taxes on the ill-gotten house and I don’t know how to regain the home back into the family as I’m on SSI. I’m getting the runaround trying to make a police report but it seems police don’t handle civil matters. Cindy changed the life insurance beneficiary from next of kin to herself and she’s not even family so I don’t know who this person is. Funny dad died exactly 3 weeks to the day this was done but the anchor lodge nursing home refused to talk to me because I’m not his POA. The nursing home never said and should’ve known POA stops when someone dies. I eventually found this out for myself during my research about elder financial abuse. I’m going to send some screenshots, hopefully you can view them OK. I hope this helps you explain the story as I was through a long legal battle before Cindy vanished to dodge the lawsuit. Hopefully she can be found so a separate complaint against her can’t be filed but I don’t know how long the SOL is as this case recently got dismissed when the insurance company called uniCARE settled only for us to find out Cindy vanished. This is the only reason why the case had to be dismissed but a separate complaint can be filed against her at a later date if we can find her and get her address actually official on paper. Had she been in jail this never would’ve happened. Just burns me up that my dad’s house was put out of reach but the paranormal activities probably won’t even bother me as I’ve since been saved. The curse though it’s still on the property as long as the property is misappropriated and the curse will remain as long as the property is misappropriated. I don’t know who can help me get this property back but it starts with finding Cindy. Her last address before she vanished was 772 Ellis Ave. in Ashland Ohio, she wasn’t running her own place but living with the owners. She took my dad’s furniture and my dad died intestate, meaning no will and by Ohio law, since dad was widowed and never remarried I’m supposed to get everything but Cindy took my dad’s belongings, including most likely vintage furniture