WILKERSON, Timothy Richard

Timothy Richard Wilkerson

Birth: December 21, 1954
Death: April 29, 2007


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Sister: Nell Parker

March 2009 Newsletter
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Note: It appears some of this came from the Dothan Eagle but links were broken.

Justice came to town for the Wilkerson family in the voices of Kirke Adams and Bill Filmore when the verdict was read: both defendants – guilty of murder.

A week long trial for two co-defendants, Patricia Wilkerson and Glenn Lee, who gunned down Timothy Wilkerson in the middle of the street in Samson, Alabama on April 29, 2007. It was a week of defense attorneys, Lee Knowles and David Harrison, continually making the victim the one at fault. Tim’s family had to sit and listen to one false statement after another about their father, brother, and cousin and they were not allowed to respond. But Kirke Adams and Bill Filmore spoke for the family and Tim. “We are the voice of Tim. He was a father, son, brother, cousin. He is not here to tell his side. We are here to tell it for him.”

It was a long week for this family but they were strong in their faith and family. They had such an outpouring of support from their churches. Every day members and the pastor attended to lend their support in any way needed.

I would like to take a moment and tell you of Tim’s oldest sister, Nell Parker. Mrs. Parker is one of the strongest, most faithful women I have had the pleasure to be around. While being diagnosed with bone cancer two years ago, she sat in court, every day for eight hours, out of respect for her brother’s memory. You could see the pain in her eyes, but being in court to see justice for her brother’s death was far more important than the pain she had to endure.

The family wanted me to express a special thank you to Kirke Adams, Bill Filmore, and Steven Smith for all their hard work in preparing for the case as well as the trial presentation. (The PowerPoint was awesome at closing.) Well done!

I would also like to thank Judge P.B. McLaughlin who presided over the case. He went out of his way to make sure the trial was fair and impartial. No matter how long a witness took or how many witnesses were called, he never rushed the prosecution or defense. It is not that way with all judges. We do have judges in other counties that try to have both sides rush through their cases. Some are often heard telling them to speed it up they are taking too long with a witness. Thank you Judge McLaughlin for making sure not only the defendants had their day(s) in court, but the victim did also.

Shelly Linderman, Angel House Project Director