WILLIAMS, Rodrickys Tywon

Rodrickys Tywon Williams

Birth: June 12, 1985
Death: July 30, 2006


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Burial: Live Oak AME Church Cemetery, Donalsonville, Seminole County, Georgia, USA


Dothan Weekend Shooting Update

Erika Kurre | Posted: Mon 7:52 PM, Jul 31, 2006 | Updated: Mon 9:01 PM, Jul 31, 2006
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It all happened in a downtown area commonly referred to as “Dixie.” An argument broke out inside “Southern Nights” lounge but quickly moved outside. That’s when two groups of people began shooting at one another.

The man who was killed was Rod-Rickys Tywon Williams. Now authorities are in search of 20-year-old Solomon Mikail Knight because they believe he could have fired the fatal round.

While the search is still on for Knight, three others are wanted for questioning.

Twenty-year-old Dametrius Roshaad Roberts, 20-year-old Jonathan Jerome Berry and 20-year-old Jimmy Lamar Berry are all being searched for by the Dothan Police Department.

Dothan police need your help in locating these men. They’ll also want information regarding the shooting and the death of Mr. Williams.


Murder Trials Begin for Defendants Charged With Killing Same Man

Lisa Blackwell | Posted: Mon 6:59 PM, May 19, 2008 | Updated: Mon 7:16 PM, May 19, 2008
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Two murder trials got underway on Monday at the Houston County Courthouse.

Both defendants are charged with the murder of the same victim.

Twenty-one-year-old Rod-Ricky’s Tywon Williams was gunned down at Southern Night’s Lounge back in July of 2006.

Now, two men stand trial for his murder.

Friends and family members split their time between two courtrooms as the murder trials started of Soloman Knight and Demetrius Roberts.

Both men are charged with the murder of Rod-Ricky’s Tywon Williams.

Authorities allege Soloman was the trigger man and Roberts provided the weapon.

Roberts’ friends and family say they hope the jury will take into consideration that his father died a violent death and his mother is in prison.

Mary Pugh, Robert’s aunt said, “I just hope that they look into his past and see that he’s a good kid, he’s not just one of those violent people that love to get in trouble all the time. He was very influenced by some people.”

The victim’s family shuttled between both courtrooms as witnesses took the stands.

Jaquala Wilson, William’s sister-in-law said, “We as a family would like to just have justice served and just to bring peace toward the defendant; just put it in God’s hands, let his will and his word be done.”

Prosecuting Attorney Arthur Medley says that it was a concerted effort to hold both trials at the same time.

It allowed witnesses from out of town to make just one trip.

This is the first time anyone can remember co-defendants’ murder trials occurring at the same time in Houston County.

The juries in both trials are expected to begin deliberations on Tuesday.