BARBER, Neal Craft

Neal Craft Barber

Birth: July 3, 1959
Death: September 10, 2018


Neal C. Barber, age 59, of Dothan, passed away Monday, September 10, 2018.

Born July 3, 1959 in Jacksonville, Florida to the late Alton Barber and Jeanette Craft Barber, Neal worked as a carpenter until he was disabled. He enjoyed camping and being outdoors.

Neal is survived by his wife, Cindy Clay Barber; his sons, Dustin (Meghin) Sanders; Erik Sanders; and Clifton (Darlaine) Sanders; his step-daughter, Jessica Clay Harrison; his brothers, Edwin Barber and Tim (Carol) Barber; his grandchildren, Aidian Sanders, Brodie Sanders, Clayton Sanders, David McWhorters, Rusty McWhorters, and Paisileigh McWhorters; other relatives and friends.

Memorial services will be held at 4:30 PM, Saturday, September 15, 2018 from Angel House in Dothan with Reverend Fred Bacher officiating.

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Criminal Details
Press Release – September 11, 2018

Press Release for Murder Investigation

On Sept. 10, 2018 at approximately 6:30 a.m. Dothan Police Officers responded to a 911 call reporting an assault in the 300 block of Pettus St. Dothan. Moments later Officers arrived scene to discover a white male, later identified as 59-year-old Neal Craft Barber, laying in the driveway. It was obvious to the Officers that Barber had suffered some sort of trauma as Dothan Fire Medics arrived to medically assess the victim. It was determined that Barber had succumbed to his injuries before the Officers or Medics arrival and he was not transported to a medical facility.

Upon examination of Barber and the surrounding scene, it was determined that he was the victim of an assault that occurred sometime in the early morning hours on Sept. 10th. Dothan Police Patrol Officers located and detained several persons of interest at the scene in a storage building at the rear of the residence. Investigators obtained a search warrant for the property and discovered that the storage building was the physical crime scene where Barber was assaulted. All of the people located in the storage building were transported to the Dothan Police Department.

Once the crime scene was processed and interviews were conducted by Dothan Police Crime Scene Investigators and Criminal Investigators, it was discovered that earlier that morning there was an argument that led to a physical altercation. During that altercation Barber suffered multiple injuries caused by blunt force trauma to his head that were not survivable. Probable cause was established to charge two people with the murder of Barber.

Charged with Murder are 24-year-old Dontavious Givens, of Pettus Street Dothan, and Jatavion Lakeldrick Collins, of Monument Street Dothan. Both individuals arrested are being held with a no bond. Both suspects will be scheduled for a Preliminary Hearing in Houston County Circuit Court.

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Criminal Details

Lynsey Smith – Sep. 11, 2018 at 5:31 PM CDT

Suspects charged with the murder of Neal Barber

Dothan Police say this crime was apparently committed during an argument over drugs.

The body of 59 year old Neal Craft Barber was found Monday morning lying in a driveway in the 300 block of Pettus Street.

He had apparently died from blunt force trauma.

Dothan Police Lt. Lynn Watkins says Barber had been in a fight with 24-year-old Dentavious Givens and 20-year-old Jatavion Collins early Monday morning.

Watkins says “We would’ve liked to get-gotten a report well before we did in this case…maybe there would’ve been something we could’ve done to maybe save his life. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen in this case and it’s tragic but anybody that sees an assault taking place, go ahead and notify the police department so we can get there and get that person medical treatment as soon as possible.”

Both Givens and Collins are being held without bond.

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Criminal Details
Michele Forehand Apr 22, 2020 Updated Apr 22, 2020

Neal Craft Barber’s family speaks out; looking for justice in brutal death

year and a half after his brutal death, Neal Craft Barber’s family wants answers and demands justice be served.

According to police reports, Barber was beaten to death Sept. 10, 2018. His body was found in the 300 block of Dothan’s Pettus Street. He had multiple blunt-force trauma head injuries and broken ribs and other injuries from which he later died.

Dentavious Jamal Givens and Jatavion Lakeldrick Collins, both of Dothan, were charged with Barber’s slaying.

“We want to know how one of the men charged with my brother’s murder, Detavious Givens, has once again got a bond set after having his first bond was revoked because he got arrested on an assault charge after he tried to attack his sister. Why did he get bond in the beginning?” Barber’s brother, Tim Barber asked during a Tuesday phone interview.

“Look at the nature of this killing. No, my brother was not a saint, but to be murdered like he was is horrific. He was beaten. Police say the marks look as if he was beaten with the butt of a gun. He had been kicked over, over and over. They broke his ribs by kicking him. He was stabbed. He had been beaten in the head with a block. His pure scalp had been turned back.

“This information was given to us by detectives, and it was all said during the preliminary hearings. You know, if they would have shot him in the back of the head, that would have been mercy. We are told the beating went on for hours.”

Dothan police believe the murder stemmed from an argument over drugs. Lt. Lynn Watkins said earlier that Givens and Collins believed Neil Barber had taken their drugs.

Tim Barber knows his brother was killed by an acquaintance, but that doesn’t help the family deal with the loss.

“We just want answers,” Barber said. “We want to know why additional charges were not filed.

“It has been determined Neal was able to get away, and was trying to make it to McDonald’s for help. But before he could reach McDonald’s, Collins grabbed him and dragged him back to Pettus Street. He allegedly dragged him so forceful Neal’s shoes were stuck in the ground where he tried to brace himself. Why were kidnapping charges not filed?”

During the investigation it was determined Neal Barber was residing in a shack near where his body was found. One of the suspects charged resides in the home where the killing occurred. At first, the residents of the home, including one of the suspects, claimed to police they had no idea who the victim was or why his body was on the property.

His brother believes the judicial system continuing to set bond for Givens, who previously had his bond revoked, “is ridiculous.”

“OK, he got bond once and committed another crime,” Barber said. “Why give him another chance? He doesn’t deserve another chance.

“Like I said earlier, we just want simple justice for Neal. We want both of these men to spend the rest of their lives behind bars.”

Collins and Givens have jury trial dates set for this summer.

Murder is a Class A felony carrying a penalty of no less than 10 years, and no more than life or 99 years in prison.

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